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Garage Building Permit

You need a garage building permit in most cities and towns, whether you are building a detached garage or adding one to your home. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as just finding out some prefab garage prices and constructing your dream garage. It takes time and thought before any garage can be built. Without carefully planning for the garage and getting a building permit, construction can be halted or not go ahead at all. If you have reserved a space for a new garage but are in search of specialists to construct one for you, perhaps Midwest Garage Builders have the services you require.

Before you invest thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of planning and work into your new garage, follow local code procedures and apply for a permit – otherwise, you could face fines and other costs bringing your project to code standards if it falls short.

What Is a Building Permit?

A building permit is the main document you need in order to move forward with construction legally. What’s required to get one will vary depending on where you live. Specifications can change from year to year as building codes are revised and developed, so you should go through the process carefully for each new construction. It is important that you do this with every project, as Custom rv garages may have different building specifications to that of a smaller garage that houses two small cars. Doing this as soon as possible can help you to get your other arrangements in place.

Why Are Permits Required?

Building permits help maintain a quality in construction. If a building is constructed incorrectly, it could pose safety threats to anyone who lives or visits there. They lend credibility to the property valuation (see this article on house valuation for more information on this subject), and post-construction inspections ensure contractors deliver quality results.

What Else Do You Need?

While every building office has a unique process, most require multiple copies of the building plans along with a completed permit application. If you have already hired a contractor to work on your project, the office will most likely need a copy of the contract along with information on the builder. If you plan to complete the work on your own, you may need to submit a copy of your photo identification.

Where Do You Go to Apply?

Most applications are completed in person at your town’s building office, usually at the town hall or other municipal building. Call your local town hall to find out where it is and when it’s open. You will have to pay all applicable fees, which are typically based on the cost of the project’s labor and materials.

What Happens After You Apply?

Once you’ve successfully submitted all documentation supporting your request for a garage building permit, the office may immediately approve you, require adjustments to the building plan or deny the request.

After your new garage is built, an inspector must visit the site to view all completed work and ensure it complies with the local code. If the work falls short, you must make the requested changes and schedule another inspection, and you may have to pay another fee as well.

It’s worth it to hire a reliable, experienced contractor to build your new garage. You also can benefit from hiring a professional to install garage doors, once the structure is complete. Call Accent Garage Doors for more information on applying and receiving approval for your garage building permit.

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