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Garage Door Warranty

The specific coverage limits on a garage door warranty will vary greatly among different manufacturers, but all high-quality doors will come with some form of warranty protection. It’s always a good idea to know what kind of warranty you have on your garage door so that you are not unpleasantly surprised if you discover damage. All warranties are different, but you can expect some common, across-the-board coverage. What can you expect from the manufacturer?

Paint and Finish Coverage

Doors that are delivered to the homeowner with only a factory finish occasionally require painting for proper sealing before installation. If the homeowner does not follow regulations set out by the manufacturer when choosing and applying paint, it could void the warranty on the entire door. If the door comes with a paint or finish warranty, it normally delivers anywhere from three years up to a lifetime of limited coverage, depending on the manufacturer. It will cover chipping, cracking and underlying rust development when the paint falls off due to normal wear and tear.

Section Coverage

The actual sections of each door are normally warrantied for three to five years. If the sections become discolored, begin to delaminate or exhibit any defect, the manufacturer will replace them. On certain wood models, the warranty will only last for one year.

Spring and Hardware Coverage

The moving parts of an operational door must work properly or immediate repair is needed. Always select a garage door manufacturer that offers warranties for springs and hardware. Normally, springs and their components are covered under warranty for one to five years when any part fails due to a defect.

Window Coverage

Any window inlays should also have warranty coverage. Most companies will replace garage door windows with an inherent flaw, but strict parameters apply. Any damage caused by severe weather or improper cleaning practices is not covered. If moisture builds up between the panes of a double-insulated window, the warranty may cover it, as long as the homeowner can prove the problem is a result of a manufacturing imperfection.


Usually, garage door warranties are not transferrable. The only person who can apply for warranty coverage is the original purchaser of the door. If the homeowner does not exercise proper maintenance, the warranty becomes null and void. Additionally, a successful warranty claim will only result in the actual door being replaced, not any subsequent damage caused by the defect. Any harm to the door caused by an accident, fire, vandalism or harsh weather is the sole responsibility of the homeowner. If the door is altered in any way, the warranty will cease coverage.

If owners notice a visible or operational issue with their garage door, they normally must adhere to a strict timeline in order for their claim to be successfully processed and honored. The warranty could require a signed claim in writing anywhere from 15 to 30 days from the date the problem was discovered.

To make sure your investment is protected, read your current garage door warranty or conduct research before you make a purchase. Call Accent Garage Doors today for professional repair and for more information on warranty coverage.

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