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Garage Door Lifespan

The life expectancy of a garage door varies, depending on local weather patterns and how well the exterior surface and interior mechanisms are maintained. Read on for more information on whether your garage door is in need of replacement.

How Long is Warranty Coverage?

The actual life expectancy of a garage door may exceed the warranty time frame, but the number of years covered can indicate how long the door will realistically last. The door panels may be covered for a period of one to 20 years or more, depending on the manufacturer and the material. Since wood garage doors are more susceptible to damage from weather, warranties normally last a minimal time frame of about one year. For stronger, more durable garage doors made of steel, the warranty may last for a lifetime, with certain limitations.

To extend the life of your current set of doors, repaint wood as soon as chipping appears and regularly wash plastic and steel doors to keep the finish clear of grime. Be sure to follow warranty instructions, as improper maintenance can void the terms.

Does the Garage Door Have Safety Features?

Garage doors installed after 1992 include built-in safety features that prevent automatic doors from shutting on a human or pet. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission now requires automatic garage doors to include either a sensor which spots objects obstructing the path of the door and spots it before making contact, or a button which must be manually pushed until the door is completely closed. If your garage door doesn’t include one of these features, it may be time for replacement, or at least replacement of the automatic opener.

Can You Feel a Draft?

Old garages are freezing in winter and piping hot in summer because aged doors do not have proper insulation to ward off thermal transmittance. When the life expectancy of a garage door has reached its maximum, it will no longer insulate the space in extreme weather. Purchasing a modern door with double or triple-layered insulation might offset some of the labor and materials cost with monthly utility bill savings.

Should You Schedule Replacement?

If you do not have a warranty on the door and the \ panels are showing signs of aging, a replacement may be worth the investment. If the current doors have exceeded the warranty time frame but are still secure and offer appropriate insulation, there is no need for hasty replacement. A lack of protective safety and security features, and energy loss that negatively affects utility bills are signs replacement is needed, especially if the warranty coverage has ended.

Contact Accent Garage Doors today for an assessment of the life expectancy of your garage door and learn about the multiple cost-effective replacement options.

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