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Eyes. Someone is looking at you. As humans, we typically enjoy two of them. If we are lucky they provide us with 20-20 vision. Alternatively, we have some glasses, contacts, or goggles to help us see. If we ever spend more than a brief moment in a dark room we understand the importance of sight.

garage door eyes

At Accent Garage Doors, a Utah based company servicing, installing, and maintaining garage doors along the Wasatch Front, we understand the importance of sight. One of the key human sensory systems, sight not only helps our trained technicians perform their work such that clients and customers enjoy the highest quality, but also garage door eyes help prevent deadly injuries.

Opening Doors

Motorized garage door openers move the largest moving component in a residential home, the garage door. The garage door can create great protection from the elements for vehicles and other items contained in the garage. Anyone who has children at home knows the risks that can occur with kids at home. It seems that you always need to watch your children, particularly the younger ones.

Garage door safety eyes stand at the bottom of each of the tracks that support and hold up the garage door. Garage door safety eyes identify if there is any motion below the garage door. Should there be any motion detected by the garage door safety eyes, communication will occur with the garage door opener, which will cause the garage door to pulled and moved up. This will prevent any object below the garage door to be crushed from the weight of the garage door.

New Safety Features

Prior to the early 1990s, garage door sensory systems, or eyes, were not required to be installed with garage doors. Fortunately, today they are required. If your home or garage was built prior to the early 1990s you may not have garage door eyes as part of your system. Should you not have garage door eyes, we recommend that you get them installed today.

At Accent Garage Doors we service and install garage door eyes. Give us a call today to explore options for your garage door eyes. Please note that they are typically a lot less expensive than you may think. Having an expert install them helps ensure that they will be working properly and maintain the safety your entire family.

Accent Garage Doors enjoys 24 plus years of experience installing, servicing, and maintaining garage doors across the Wasatch Front. Accent Garage Doors works with big box stores, contractors, builders, and individual homeowners for all of their garage door needs. Call us at 801-898-3667 for a free estimate. We stand ready to help you at any time.

When you think Garage Doors, think Accent Garage Doors.

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