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Alternate Garage Uses

Have you considered any alternate uses for your garage that don’t involve parked vehicles? If you do not normally use your garage to house your car, why not clean it up and make your vision of extra living space a reality?

Game Room

Kids and adults alike can appreciate a game room, especially one stocked with snacks and soft drinks. It won’t take much to transform even the dingiest garage into a fun area for the whole family. Most of the renovation budget can be used for the latest, greatest pool table and dart board.


Do you need additional space to have company over for a movie night or sporting event? A renovated garage with throw rugs, a coffee table and most importantly, a flat screen television, could make your residence the place to be on the weekend.


This option is ideal for a teenager, commuting college student or adult child who has moved back home. They may want private living space separate from the family, and a refinished garage could be the ideal solution. This option is most likely one of the most expensive of all the remodeling choices, as you may need to add insulation, drywall, paint and heating vents. To add a bathroom will also require a plumber’s expertise.


A home office is wonderful for separation of work and family time. It’s also a tax deduction for those who work at home. When transforming your garage into a home office, you’ll need to purchase some office supplies to make your space feel professional. Once stocked up with appropriate stationery and furniture, you can start working in your new home office. However, this depends on the climate and the current state of your garage. If your garage isn’t in the best condition, you may need to follow the same steps as you would for creating a bedroom, or you could look into these studio sheds ready for turning into your personal home office. However, if you have an airy, clean garage, it will do just fine for the vast majority of the year. Make sure to add appropriate lighting fixtures or install some MWT Alpharetta windows as needed.


If you are a musician or live with one, you know a drum set deserves its own room. Though soundproofing is on the expensive side, transforming your garage into a music studio complete with recording equipment and amplification is an investment that could pay dividends in the long run. You could charge local bands to use it as a practice space, offsetting some of the renovation costs.


One of the most common alternate uses for a garage, the home gym idea is always popular. This renovation choice requires only minor updates to a normal garage. For instance, it’s important to strengthen the beams and supports if you will be attaching heavy equipment like a punching bag to the ceiling. Make sure to invest in gym mats to improve traction and minimize injuries. Hang a mirror on the wall for the complete upscale gym experience.

No matter what path you choose, you will need a secure garage door to protect your new living space. Contact Accent Garage Doors today for estimates and installation of high-quality, cost-effective replacement doors when renovating your home for an alternate use of the garage.

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