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Carriage GarageAs the temperature cools, many things come to mind with the holiday season looming. Each year there are tons of things to remember to do from gifts and holiday presents. Just as each year you remember to get your annual physical or biannual dental checkup, don’t forget about caring for the home that takes care of you during the year. Now is the perfect time to get a garage door checkup, as extreme weather can affect your garage door.

Without proper maintenance, garage door components can and do break and it will not operate as smoothly and properly. For instance, garage door springs can break, or the track on your garage door may need lubricant. A loud garage door opening or closing might mean lubrication is required to keep it running smoothly.

A tune-up will take care of your garage door on a regular basis. Accent Garage Doors, a Utah based company servicing all things relating to your garage door along the Wasatch front, recommends that you get a tune-up for your garage at least annually to keep your garage door working in perfect shape. Regular tune-ups extend the life of the components associated with your garage door.

Right now you can schedule your annual tune up for only $89!

Accent Garage Doors takes tune-ups very seriously! Included in a tune-up, a trained and experienced technician will come out to your home and perform a 20-point checkup on your garage door. The 20-point checkup looks at everything to do with your garage door from cables to springs to the rollers. The check-up will identify to you if any particular items passes or fails. If for any reason any of the parts in the 20-point check-up fails to pass, Accent Garage Doors may recommend that you get additional maintenance to keep your garage door running smoothly.

If you need additional maintenance for your garage door, an Accent representative can tell you at that time. Give a tune-up a try. Call Accent Garage Doors at 801-898-3667 for more details.

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