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Garage Door Problems

Garage door problems can plague homeowners, even if the installed door is a newer model. Are you frustrated with your garage door? Read this guide to help diagnose and solve issues which prevent proper garage door operation.

Automatic Opener Does Not Work

When you attempt to operate the automatic opening system with no response, first check the power source. Make sure the unit is plugged in and that no breakers have tripped or fuses have blown on the main electrical panel – if you do discover a problem with your electrical panel, you may need to call someone like Paul Macrina Electrical Contracting (for Electrical Panel repair) to come out and take a look. For battery-operated systems, replace the battery in both the unit and the remote.

If the problem persists, check that the disconnect switch is still connected. When this cord is pulled, it prevents the door from opening as an emergency precaution. Put the cord back in place and attempt operation again.

Door Will Not Stay Closed

Garage doors are equipped with safety sensors that automatically reverse the door’s direction if an object is in the way or obstructing the closing track. Clean out the door’s tracks and make sure no dust, dirt or insects are lodged in or near the sensors.

Another reason the door may not stay closed is an altered setting for the open and close limits. If the closing system believes it must lower the door further than necessary, the door hits the ground and comes back up, assuming it is hitting an object blocking the way of complete closure. Reference your owner’s manual to determine how to reset the close limits to match with the height of your garage opening.

Door Will Not Stay Open

When the garage doors slide down the tracks after being raised, a significant track misalignment may be giving them enough space for their weight to drag them closed again. If the doors will not open in the first place, the torsion springs are most likely broken.

Unusual Noises while Opening and Closing

If the door slams shut with an unusual and obnoxious bang, the fault may lie with the spring mechanisms. If the tension springs are connected incorrectly or broken, the opening system may not have enough strength to handle the door’s weight throughout the closing process.

If you hear a loud squealing during opening, the tracks may require a coat of lubrication, or the tracks themselves could be misaligned, causing an imbalance. If the hinges are rusted or the rollers are outdated, replacing the operational hardware may eliminate the noisy sound effects. Ask a professional to check the health of the torsion springs as well if the loud noise occurred once – it may have been a sign the spring itself broke during operation.

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