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Garage Door Springs

Garage door springs make the world go ’round. Well, not exactly. But they are the main power source behind your functioning garage doors. How will you know when you need garage-door spring repair or replacement? Make sure you understand how springs work and watch out for these problematic signs.

What Types of Springs Exist?

Garage doors are equipped with one of two different types of springs. Extension springs are placed along the garage door track on either side. These types normally have a life span of between seven to 10 years, or 15,000 usage cycles. Some brands of extension springs can last up to 12 years, but it depends on the frequency of use. They are designed based on each door’s height. When one extension spring breaks, both need to be repaired simultaneously.

Torsion springs are located above the garage door. Torsion springs do not last as long as extension springs. The common lifespan for torsion springs ranges from five to seven years, or 10,000 cycles of use. The type of torsion spring that fits your door is based on the weight of the door set.

Warning Signs for Garage-Door Spring Repair

You will know that your garage door springs are in need of repair or replacement when you notice any of the following:

  • Doors Do Not Open Smoothly
    If the door is catching on its way up or down, you’ll know that something is out of order. Before professionals order replacement springs, they will check all the other parts of the door system — the pulleys, belts, rollers and tracks — to rule out all other issues. If each piece of hardware is doing its job, the springs are in need of attention.
  • You Hear a Deafening Bang When the Door Rises
    If you hear a loud noise when the doors come to a stop, the torsion springs may be broken. You might also notice gaps in the springs or see that they are beginning to unwind. It is important to cease using your garage door until this problem is resolved.

When Should I Call a Professional?

If the doors are simply squealing, a bottle of silicone-based lubricant might cure the issue. However, as soon as you notice a persistent problem, contact a reputable repair company like Accent Garage Doors. Garage-door spring repair is not a job homeowners should undertake themselves. These devices are dangerous and can cause serious injuries to those who have no experience with replacement.

Contrary to what some believe, springs can be replaced alone. You may not have to spend hundreds of dollars to replace the entire opening system. Call Accent Garage Doors to get an estimate of the work that should be completed.

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