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Wind Load Garage Doors

Wind load garage doors are designed to protect homes from storm damage. Even if your home is not in an area prone to frequent wind storms at high velocities, these garage doors can give homeowners peace of mind knowing they are prepared for natural disasters. There have been countless times where hail storms and other storms have wrecked and dented cars meaning that people have to turn to dent removal companies and other services to fix their cars, so purchasing a garage door could cut these costs. Learn about how this product may be a beneficial fit for your garage.

How Does Wind Ruin a Home?

The surface of the house facing wind currents takes the brunt of the force. If this surface happens to include the garage, wind can eventually push the non-reinforced door off its tracks, causing it to buckle. Once an airstream gains access to the home this way, pressure builds on the interior. The damage from wind can have devastating effects on homes and therefore, being aware of the services that can help you after these effects in your area, is very important. These are places like Elite Restoration who offer idaho restoration and construction services, helping to restore your home after water and wind damage occurs as a result of the storm. Damage can occur from the most minor things that have been flung against your house in a rough storm. All it takes is a 4-foot-square opening for major damage to result. The built-up pressure can cause roof beams and shingling to explode, weakening the walls, and compromising the safety of the structure. Of course, homeowners can visit a site like and have a professional come out to replace the roof and make sure it’s structurally sound once again but it would be an incredible hassle for homeowners. If you want to learn more about roofing and how it can help you can check out these guys for more information.

How are Wind Load Garage Doors Different?

While wind load garage doors are reinforced with steel and polyurethane insulation, they still offer a wide range of styles to appeal to many tastes. The glass used in the windows is impact-tested and sturdy. The extremely durable seal around the door edges further protects against wind penetration. The goal of all garage door construction is to eliminate moisture and air penetration, but the construction of these doors takes reinforcement a step further in an effort to prevent catastrophic damage in other areas of the home.

What’s the Wind Load Requirement for My Area?

First, look up the local garage door wind load requirements at the building office in your town. Building codes regulate the minimum ratings in areas especially prone to hurricanes and tornadoes. This information will give you a starting point when examining wind resistance ratings on available products.

Next, contact a garage door installation professional to assess the location of your home in relation to wind patterns in the area. They can recommend a brand and style that will not only fit your home’s aesthetic, but also provide maximum protection.

If you are unsure if your current garage door can stand up to the task, ask a garage door specialist to inspect it for wind resistance.

Selecting the Right Door for Your Home

If you decide to purchase and install a new door, know the difference between “add-on” reinforcement and “storm ready” products. Add-on doors require preparation on the part of the homeowner. When a storm is forecast, they must outfit the door with posts before the weather worsens, then remove the reinforcement afterward. Storm-ready doors require no extra preparation – their construction provides all the wind resistance needed for home safety.

If you have additional questions on how wind load garage doors can improve your home’s storm resistance, contact the team at Accent Garage Doors today.

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