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Your Garage Door Team is here to do the job right.

Key Considerations for Selecting a New Garage Door


What Matters to you? Is your focus on functionality or aesthetic appeal? Do you desire a custom design to add a unique touch to your home? Simplify the shopping process by clearly defining your goals for your new garage door.c


Did you know that your garage door can contribute to the energy efficiency of your home? If reducing utility bills through high-efficiency upgrades is a goal, ask about our insulation and high-performance door options.


Given the varied weather conditions across the Wasatch Front, it’s essential to assess the durability of your garage door. 


Planning on selling your home in the next few years? A new garage door can be a valuable selling point.A new garage door will enhance your home’s resale value, and curb appeal. 


We know that Investing in a new garage door may coincide with a financially challenging period. Ask about our Financing options we offer to alleviate budgeting stress and provide you with the flexibility to explore various options 

Contact us for a Complimentary Design Consultation to customize your door to your style.

Upgrade to a New Liftmaster Garage Door Opener

The new MyQ App is changing lives everywhere!

Ever worry if you left your garage door open? The new MyQ app and camera let you check and control it from anywhere! Whether it’s home repairs or deliveries, use the app to open and close your garage door for added convenience and security. Keep life convenient and secure with MyQ. call today to see if your Opener is Compatible with the MyQ set up!

Upgrading to a new opener offers:

  • Enhanced safety
  • Improved security
  • Greater convenience
  • Proactive prevention of potential system issues.

For expert garage door opener repair in the Wasatch Front area, trust us for both repairs and preventive maintenance.

Contact us to find a Garage door opener that best suits your needs.

Broken Spring Repair

Your garage door relies on a crucial spring for easy lifting. This simple yet effective mechanism, found in various devices like catapults and watches, allows effortless door operation. The spring also ensures the door stays open, preventing sudden crashes. However, when springs fail, it can lead to inconveniences like being unable to access your garage. Accent Garage Doors is here to address and resolve these issues promptly

Call us today if you notice any of these issues with your garage door spring:

  • You see damage to the spring
  • You hear abnormal popping or grinding noises
  • Your door Raises slower
  • Your door doesn’t open

Garage Door Repairs

What to expect when partnering with Accent to Repair any issues with your garage door.

  • Skilled and Knowledgeable Technicians
  • Specializing in Spring Replacements, Motor Malfunctions, Door balance and alignment
  • Residential and Commercial Property Services
  • Swift and Reliable Repairs
  • Job Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Transparent Services with Accurate Assessments
  • Fair Pricing
  • Trustworthy Partners who listen to your concerns and questions
  • Experience the Convenience of a Smoothly Operating Garage Door
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