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Garage Door Panel

When you have a broken garage door panel, it does not do much to improve your curb appeal or increase your home’s security. Garage door repairs should not be put off, especially if the damage is severe. You may want to replace just the broken panel rather than the whole door, but is that the best course of action for your specific situation?

Why Do You Need Panel Replacement?

You may need to replace a garage door panel for many reasons. Maybe you accidentally backed your car into the door, or maybe one of your children hit it with a bicycle. Dents and dings may appear over time from wayward sports balls.

On the other hand, maybe you have a wooden garage door that is beginning to rot, panel by panel. Perhaps a weather incident like wind damaged the panel.

When Is Complete Door Replacement a Better Option?

It is not always best for the safety of you and your family to replace a single section. It also may not be the wisest investment. For example, if a storm caused irreparable harm to one panel, chances are it also weakened the other sections as well, even if they aren’t showing signs of damage. Also, if the door is coming to the end of its useful life, replacing one panel won’t help if the others are rotting and degrading as well.

Another aspect of single panel replacement to keep in mind is how it will look. If you only replace one, it may stand out, since the material may not match exactly. Only you can decide when complete door replacement may be a better option, but you can contact a repair company such as Concord Garage Doors (or one that is closer to you) for a professional opinion and consultation.

Contact the Manufacturer or Distributor

If you decide to replace only one garage door panel, the first step is to contact the original door manufacturer. Find out if they sell individual panels for your door’s model number.

In some cases, you can contact the installation company as well. They may keep parts in stock for your door and will be trained on how to effectively install single panels in the products they service. You should also inquire if the panel’s damage is covered under any existing warranty. You may be able to avoid some out-of-pocket costs, depending on the extent of the contract.

Should You Hire a Professional?

Replacing a garage door panel can be a complex project. The opening system must be disengaged and all tension released. The damaged panel must be removed without causing harm to adjacent sections. Once the new surface is in place, it must be refinished to guard against moisture damage.

Due to the skill and precision required, homeowners should consider hiring a garage repair professional. Contact Accent Garage Doors today to schedule a free consultation on affordably replacing a single garage door panel at your property.

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