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Winter Garage Maintenance

Over half of American homes have a garage. How often do you service the doors that protect your car, your golf clubs, your tools and everything else you have stored away? Your garage door is a hard worker. Throughout the year, it will run its course over 1,000 times. It’s only fair that you give it a tune-up every now and then, especially before it faces the cold, long winter. By regularly maintaining your garage door, you can prevent many common garage door problems that plague homeowners when extreme temperatures hit.

Use the Right Lubricant

While lubrication issues can plague overhead doors at any time of year, cold temperatures are especially troublesome. Your doors could have too little grease, which makes it difficult to close them. You might hear a high-pitched screeching noise, or the doors could get stuck. If you have too much grease, it can harden when temperatures drop below freezing. This might make it nearly impossible to open the doors.

To repair either problem, first wipe the hardware with a rag and cleaning solution. Then, instead of using common oils like WD-40, spray the belts and pulleys with a layer of a silicone-based lubricant as directed by your garage door experts.

Check the Garage Door’s Tracks

In harsh, cold weather, metal has a tendency to warp. Make sure that the door’s tracking system is completely aligned. If the tracks are off, the doors will not close or open all the way. If they are only slightly warped, lubrication could fix the problem as a short-term solution, but eventually a professional garage-door installer should take a look at the issue.

Inspect the Roof

This probably won’t be the first place you’ll look, but a missing roof tile can lead to leaks that rust the mechanisms and ruin the electrics of your garage door. Luckily, roofing contractors Winston Salem can quickly fix a broken roof for you if you find a leak, which means you’ll be able to fix your garage door and it won’t break again.

Make Sure All Hardware is Working

Just like all systems in your home, time wears down parts and hardware, creating more garage-door problems. Eventually, the roller bearings will need to be replaced. Roller bearings made of nylon are a good investment, as they require less lubrication and are not quite as loud as rollers made of metal. Additionally, if your garage uses a cable system, check that none of it has frayed or corroded through the protective coating. If you see these signs, get vinyl coated cable here to replace this, or contact Accent Garage Doors if you notice any broken parts so that they can replace them without delay.

Consider Installing a Weather Seal

Everyone loves a chance to save money on their heat and electric bills. Weather seals can be installed on all sides of garage doors to assist in keeping the heat inside. In colder weather, animals might try to penetrate your home’s garage to get warm. Weather seals can help keep out rodents and other unwanted creatures.

For more information on how to prevent garage door problems this winter, contact Accent Garage Doors. They can help you regularly maintain your garage doors so when winter comes in full force your home is prepared.

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