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Garage Door Components

We often get questions from questions regarding the types of common garage door components. Common types include steel, copper, aluminum, or glass. Windowed garage doors are becoming more popular in the marketplace. Windowed garage doors allow more natural light in the garage. Windowed garage doors may be protected for additional privacy.

Three popular designs for garage doors by Martin Doors include the Cornerstone, Pinnacle, and Athena lines.

The Cornerstone is a classic and timeless traditional garage door constructed from steel. The cornerstone style allows customers to request a windowed panel in several styles to be included at the top of the door.

The Pinnacle door provides excellent old-world charm to new construction. The pinnacle door may be constructed with steel or aluminum depending on a customer’s preference. The pinnacle door garage door typically comes with windows located at the top of the door in the top panel.

The Athena garage door includes tastefully designed glass panels. The Athena garage door is constructed by steel or aluminum door.

Please note that when selecting your garage door, your estimate typically includes materials (i.e. garage door panels, a new garage door opener), labor, haul away (if necessary) and installation. Should you have any questions on what is included with your new door, do not hesitate to ask us for clarification.

Depending on your garage door selection, it may take up to a few weeks for your custom door to be made and delivered. Typically, Accent Garage Doors can install a double car garage in just a few hours. As some doors may require additional complexity, Accent Garage Doors works hard to minimize the impact affecting your day to day life.

Please contact us at 801-898-3667 to learn more about your new garage door installation. Accent Garage Doors services the entire Wasatch Front in Utah. Remember, when you think garage doors, think Accent Garage Doors.

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