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Utah enjoys the nation’s largest average household size, youngest population, and fastest population growth rate in the nation. The beautiful contrast of the valleys to the mountains make Utah a great place to live.

According to, the median home in Utah is now priced at just under $245,000. As spring moves forward and you look to have a great spring, please be careful to avoid any preventable injuries.

garage safety

Spring Break and Child Safety

Spring break may be a great time of year for children as they get time away school. It can also be a great time for parents to bond with their children. Spring break for children can go way too fast whereas parents may have another opinion. You will still want to make sure that you are exercising safety in and around your garage.

If you have kids, and they happen to get into everything, you will want to make sure that you and they are careful. Any extended period of time in the garage with the door moving up and down can be potentially dangerous. Garage door eyes and new pinch minded garage doors can help alleviate some of the concern but should not be considered the catch-all solution or the only watch guard for safety.

Remember that the garage door is the heaviest and largest moving part in your home. Garage doors can easily weigh more than an average sized grown man. This can be risky if you have kids playing around the garage door. Garage doors are very important in keeping the elements out of your home, but they should not be considered things for horseplay.

Added Features Increase Safety

As you consider ways to better maintain the safety of your home, please consider adding safety features for your garage door such as garage door eyes and pinch minded doors if you do not have them. Prior to the 1980s garage door eyes weren’t common for the garage door.

Moreover, regular checks can ensure that the garage door is operating properly and help reduce any potential safety challenge in your home. Accent Garage Doors can further help you in putting in an insulated door to help moderate temperatures in your garage.

When you think garage doors, think Accent Garage Doors! To make sure that your garage door is operating in the safest manner possible, please give us a call at 801-898-3667. Accent Garage Doors can quickly diagnose and identify any potential safety hazards in your garage door system.

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