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Garage Burglar

Is your garage a help or a hindrance to your home�s security? Though burglaries declined by 8.6 percent in the United States in 2013, burglary rates here continue to trump those of other countries: every hour, 250 homes are burglarized. To reduce your risk, make sure your doors are secure, as they are your first line of defense against an intruder.
If you’re considering changing around your garage for it to become more secure, maybe invest in a self storage unit and have plenty of space away from your home that will also be incredibly secure, look into companies such as Dublin City Self Storage.

Get a Reinforced Garage Door

Flimsy doors don�t defend your home. Make sure your garage doors have a strong, heavy-duty, steel frame. While glass windows in your garage doors might offer an elegant decorative touch, they allow burglars to peer inside to view your valuable items, making you a target. To protect yourself, frost the glass using adhesives found at your local home-improvement store. Potential intruders will be unable to tell if your car is in your garage, reducing your risk of burglary.

Install a Deadbolt

A weak garage door lock could be broken or pried open. Remove this risk by installing a hefty deadbolt and make sure it’s bolted at night. With any door that you suspect has an inadequate locking system, it’s worth raising it with a locksmith to see what they can do in order to protect your property. If you’re unsure If you want added protection during the day, go back inside and deadbolt your doors before leaving. An automatic deadbolt, about $250, is also an option, and can be integrated into your current automatic-opening system. If you are unsure how to install a deadlock then get someone like this Bobcat Locksmith in to do it for you.

Keep Garage Door Closed

You never know when burglars are combing a neighborhood looking for potential victims. Never leave your garage open for inspection to outsiders. Thieves could slip inside and grab valuable items like power tools or bicycles without you even noticing, or they could make a mental note to revisit your home later based on the contents of your garage.

Install a home security system

Installing a good home camera system is an effective, although expensive way of preventing burglaries occurring at your home. This isn’t the cheapest option, and there are other ways of deterring burglars, but a home security system is going to put off a lot of criminals from attacking your home.

Don�t Be Careless

Whatever you do, do not ever leave your keys inside your vehicle when it is parked in your garage. Intruders could steal your car or use your keys to access the rest of your home later.

Be Safe with Your Automatic Opener

You might be tempted to disable your home�s alarm system for your automatic garage door opener. After all, you�re the only one with an opener, right? Automatic door openers are basically keys to get into your home. They can be stolen, especially since most people leave them in their cars. It might be frustrating to jump out of your car and rush to enter the alarm code every time you open your garage, but you will be grateful you invested time in the extra security step if your garage door opener is stolen. If you have a keypad entry, don�t give anyone but trusted family members the code, and change it regularly.

An unprotected garage could be your home�s greatest vulnerability, but a resilient locking system could ensure heightened safety, stonewalling or deterring a thief. For assistance in making sure your garage door is adequate to keep your home secure, contact Accent Garage Doors.

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