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Attached Garage

Which option provides more benefits – an attached/ detached or doublewide prefab garages? Although, most modern homes seem to have the garages attached to the house these days, this seems to be popular amongst those purchasing new homes. However, it isn’t for everyone. To see some examples of the sort of houses with garages attached that are popular, you can learn more about New Homes in Greenville SC to see why attached garages are such a desired feature in a property. In this guide, both options are explored. It is helpful for property owners planning a garage addition to understand the pros and cons of both garage types so they are not met with any surprises in the future.

Lot Size and Space

How large is the lot? Detached garages can be set back from the street, but the orientation may take up significant yard space otherwise dedicated to a garden or outdoor living area. Attached garages, since they are situated close the original home foundation, leave plenty of lot space for children and pets to run and play. Consider the total square footage of the lot and determine how both a detached and attached garage might interfere with an attractive yard space.

Building Cost

Both detached and attached garages must have ventilation and electricity. When building an attached garage, it is much easier to run HVAC systems and other wiring due to the proximity to the main building. Also, an attached garage will require fewer building materials and less work time since it may use existing walls of the main house.

Detached garages must be constructed from the ground up, with all electricity, ventilation and walls built from scratch. As a result, detached garages usually cost more to build than attached garages.

Detached Garage Benefits

Detached garages have many specific benefits. For example, if it is going to be used as a work room, detaching the space from the main house cuts down on bothersome noise in the home’s living areas.

There could be advantages for people who have decided to renovate or convert their garage space into a granny flat for their relatives, (looking for granny flat builders in your area can help you to get this process underway). These people may have moved into this type of accommodation due to it being unsafe for them to live in their own properties anymore and so, giving them the freedom of a detached garage, can help them to keep their independence for longer.

Homeowners may take comfort in the fact that their main living areas are not connected to the garage, which may be polluted with toxic fumes from the vehicle’s carbon monoxide emissions, or any other substances stored in the garage.

Also, detached garages do not pose the same security threats as attached garages. While burglars may enter, they will not automatically gain access to the house as well.

Attached Garage Benefits

The main benefit to the attached version is its convenience. In inclement weather, the homeowners do not need to expose themselves to the elements in order to enter their vehicles.

Attached garages are also useful for extra storage space for items that must be readily accessible. If an extra refrigerator is placed in the attached space, the homeowner can easily obtain supplies without having to walk outside.

Also, since attached garages are already in close proximity to the home’s heat and electricity, space could easily be converted into a living area.

Whether you are trying to outfit an attached garage or a detached garage with a high-quality door, Accent Garage Doors can help you make the ideal product decision and install it with care to maximize your home’s weather protection and security. Alternatively, if you’re looking to get one of the new prefab garages in GA, contact the Accent Garage Doors company and we’ll ensure you get the perfect door to match!

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