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Garage Door Style

What garage door style is going to fit your home best? According to Remodeling magazine, homeowners recoup around 80 percent of their garage door investment in home resale value. While revamping the front of your garage with a new, insulated door will always pay off, finding a door that fits your home’s theme can be eye-catching, whether you are marketing it to potential buyers or not. The following three styles can add to your home in unique ways.

Carriage House Style

Getting a barn door installation for a space can be a prudent option. However, a carriage house garage door can also give the rustic appearance of an old barn. The handles and hinges make the door appear as if it will swing outward or slide to the side, but it can roll up like traditional garage doors. Of course, some carriage house doors can be configured so they open to the side or outward, but an automatic overhead system is the most common and convenient opening mechanism.

Carriage house styles also allow you to decide whether you would like windows in place of the upper panels, and if so, the size and shape of each one. Carriage house doors can be made of wood, composite wood or steel, and painted or stained according to your preference.

Traditional Raised Panel Style

Traditional garage doors are made of reinforced steel or wood. The doors can be painted or stained a variety of shades and colors, and the panels can be square or rectangular. Adding windows is an option with these as well. Quality products always have decorative surface features crafted into the door itself rather than glued on, a method cheap manufacturers may use to cut corners.

Contemporary Models

A modern home requires a garage door style that matches the overall design scheme. Contemporary garage doors are normally made of steel or aluminum, or even glass or wood. Aluminum or steel doors can be constructed in a grid design with fogged privacy glass for the inserts. Modern wood slat garage doors can be painted or stained in brilliant or muted colors, depending on your home’s exterior color.

What Style Fits Your Home?

Choosing a garage door style is not only about what style you should choose. Homeowners also have to think about what fits into the surrounding aesthetically and check if there’s any need for driveway repair. If so, you can call a Greensboro asphalt paving contractor to get it fixed. When it comes to choosing the door material, wood with natural stains gives an earthy, home-like feel to the garage. In comparison, steel is more resilient and may be a better investment for a cold, precipitous climate that would speed the ageing process of a wood door. Don’t forget that it’s not just the garage door that you need to consider, but also the flooring of the garage as well. Perhaps you might want to consider adding something like these plastic garage floor tiles?

Also, remember to choose a product with functions that match your needs. You are going to use the garage door on a daily basis. It must have the appropriate safety features and easy-lift options to fit in smoothly with your busy lifestyle.

Talk to Accent Garage Doors today if you are interested in choosing a new garage door style to add value and increase the curb appeal of your home.

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