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Is it time for a tuneup?

Just like your car or furnace or air conditioner might need an annual tune up, so should your garage door to keep it running in tip top shape. With the changing season moving into spring this month, it can be a great way to remember to get your annual garage door tuneup along with your regular spring cleanup.

garage door tuneup

You may now be wondering, what exactly does a garage door tune up entail?

Our Tuneups are Thorough

At Accent Garage Doors, our tuneups are extremely thorough as well as industry leading. An Accent Garage Door tune up may further include lubricating moving parts, adjusting hardware, tightening tracks and hinges as well as inspecting the safety and opening gears. We may also troubleshoot other problem areas.

By getting regular maintenance you can protect against potentially costly repairs further down the road. You can also extend the life of the largest moving part in your home, your garage door.

The 20-Point Checklist

All of Accent Garage Doors tune-ups include a standard twenty point check-up. The check-up consists of the following:

Door Balance Springs Torsion Tube Center Bearing
End Bearings Cables Drums Hinges
Tracks Rollers Panels Struts
Bottom Seal Top/Bottom Brackets Swing Arm Operator
Forces Sensor Eyes Belt/Chain Tension Travel Limits

If you’re thinking that a tune-up could take hours to complete, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Although extremely thorough, our tune-ups generally take less than an hour to complete.

Annual Maintenance Services

Please sign up for a tuneup today and tell the experienced technician that you would like to be on the yearly list to get your tune up taken care of. We recommend that each March you focus on getting a tune up for your garage doors.

When you choose Accent Garage Doors you can rest assured that each year Accent Garage Doors does hundreds of tune ups and with 24 years of experience that adds up to thousands of tuneups.

Accent Garage Doors, a Utah based and Wasatch front serving company, specializes in all things relating to your garage door. Our talented technicians enjoy vast experience that is unparalleled in the industry. When you need a tune-up or any service with your garage door simply call Accent Garage Doors at 801-898-3668.

When you think garage doors think Accent Garage Doors.

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