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Garage Door Tune-Up

Twice a year our dentist recommends that we come in to get our teeth cleaned. Our auto shop recommends that every 3,000 miles or so that we get our oil changed. Our doctor recommends that we get an annual physical exam. It can be difficult to remember to do it all and a gentle nudge can be a big help.

A Nudge for Your Garage Door

The change of the season can be a great nudge to help you remember to get your yearly garage door tune-up.

A tune-up, really? It sounds like something you would get for your car. Yes, your garage door needs a yearly tune-up!

This will keep the garage door operating at peak performance longer and make a significant difference in the quality of its performance. A tune-up can help it maintain optimal performance for a longer period of time. Moreover, a tune-up can keep your garage door from making that creaky loud noise when it goes up or down.

The 20-Point Garage Door Inspection

When an Accent Garage Door technician performs a tune-up on your garage door, he will look at 20 items which we like to call a 20-point inspection. The 20-point inspection thoroughly examines your garage door.

The 20 points include the following:

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Please call us for a tune-up today and tell the technician that you would like to have a tune-up performed annually. We will call you each September and schedule this tune-up, to make the process simple for you, as well as us as it makes field service management easier, increasing efficiency and quality of work.

When you go with Accent Garage Doors, you can rest assured that our trained and experienced technicians understand how perform garage door tune-ups, promptly, and accurately. We assist customers with all types of garage door needs. A typical garage door tune-up only requires a short visit from the technician to identify problems and make quick repairs. Give us a call today!

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