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Garage Door Tracks

Your garage door may take center stage, but tracks that are properly fitted to the dimensions and weight of the door and the style of your home are essential to the entire system’s function. Garage doors use two main types of track systems for opening — learn about each and see which is better for you.

Vertical Lift Tracks

Garages with doors that open upward are the most common. Vertical lift systems usually utilize two tracks on either side of the door that stretch upward and curve inward to run horizontally along the garage’s roof. Variations to this type of model include high lift systems, which employ additional vertical tracks to account for added space in garages with higher ceilings.

Some types of roller doors use vertical tracks only, without the horizontal extensions. The panels include many hinges that allow the horizontal sections to roll up and store themselves in an upper compartment above the garage opening.

Sliding Tracks

Garage doors that slide to the side to open do not use a vertical system at all. Instead, two horizontal tracks are used to support the weight of the door as it is pushed sideways. In this case, the door is built with hinges that allow it to bend and fit snugly against the garage wall.

Do You Need New Garage Door Tracks?

If your home needs a new garage door, you need new tracks as well. You should never install a new door without also replacing the tracks along with it. Each product has a lift system with specific designated track measurements to fit. If you install garage doors too large for the tracks, it puts undue pressure on the springs and other components, which could lead to a breakdown. If the door is too small, the lift system may not have an adequate grip on the door and it could slide downward and injure a person or damage a vehicle.

The tracks also can sustain wear and tear over time due to moisture and deicing chemicals that may come into contact with the metal during the changing seasons. If the tracks become loose, cause a squealing noise or bend out of alignment due to a damaging incident, it might be time to think about replacement.

If your garage door tracks are outdated, rusty or do not fit your current door, call Accent Garage Doors for an assessment and an estimate on replacing the system for the safety of you and your vehicle and to preserve your investment.

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