Noisy Garage Door Repair

Noisy Garage Door Repair in Salt Lake City, Utah

Customers often ask what to do about their noisy garage door. With great animation, they describe rattles, squeaks, grinding or groaning when opening or closing the door. Before long, this ruckus can disturb the peace of entire neighborhoods, even waking family members in the house from a sound sleep when the door is opened. While this clanging and clattering is annoying, it may indicate a more dire situation. A healthy garage door should operate with a minimal amount of noise and effort. Once the decibel level begins to rise it’s a likely cry for service. In the Salt Lake City area, Accent Garage Doors has the experience and technology to silence the beast.

Possible Causes of Garage Door Noise

Noisy garage door operation may have several possible causes and it is often difficult for homeowners to accurately troubleshoot the problem. Automatic openers typically operate using a belt or chain drive system which does produce its own sound. That sound is easily recognizable as the normal hum of the motor moving the chain. If the opener begins to protest too much, the problem may be the motor unit itself. In other cases however, this elevated or strained sound can indicate a problem with components unrelated to the automatic opener. When torsion springs are in need of service or repair, the extra effort required to lift the door triggers not only a noisy clamor but also potential damage to the opener and other functions. Learn more about broken spring repair.

The most common causes of garage door din are much simpler. Over time and with regular use components wear down and shake themselves loose. Tracks, roller brackets and panel hinges attach with nuts and bolts. Often, Accent Garage Doors can restore peace and quiet by simply tightening viable parts and replacing those that have become overly worn or damaged. Steel rollers and cables may also wiggle and screech, another problem easily resolved through lubrication and worn roller replacement. Finally, Accent will inspect the chain or belt mechanism, tightening and lubricating to stop the racket.

Maintenance and Repair to Silence Your Noisy Garage Door

The most effective way to prevent the damage, wear and tear that normal operation can cause is periodic maintenance. Accent offers a comprehensive inspection and component maintenance service program designed to prevent the onset of noise-causing trouble. If your door has already begun to groan in protest when opening or closing, a service call may be necessary to prevent further damage. In most cases, tranquility can be restored with a few simple repairs. Allowing the problem to progress may result in additional damage or even component failure requiring extensive repair or replacement. Before your noisy door repair becomes a catastrophic failure, contact Accent Garage Doors for an expert evaluation of your discordant door.