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When’s the last time you went shopping for the ultimate garage door? If you’re like most West Jordan residents, the answer is never. Unless you custom built your house, the garage door is often neglected. You probably happily and blindly accepted the door your home came with, which is a big gamble. You don’t know if it came from the best garage door supplier in town or the worst, if it’s high quality or if the garage door installation was done correctly. Even worse, the garage door provides easy access to your home—and burglars know it.

Enter Accent Garage Doors to the rescue. The reality is that upgrading this door provides a better home value spike than a whole kitchen remodel. Of course, it’s also much more affordable and faster than such an undertaking. Accent Garage Doors is a VIP certified provider of Martin Doors, which are the absolute best in the industry. Shouldn’t you have top quality when it comes to keeping you, your family and your property safe?

Love Your Garage Door Installation for Life in West Jordan

Martin Doors are manufactured to last for decades, and designs like the Signature to the Cornerstone or Athena are styled as such. We’ve been offering our West Jordan neighbors the best in garage door installation since 1993. We’ve perfected the art of garage door repair, and know a thing or two about what kinds of exterior doors residents in this slice of Utah need. Hint: It’s probably not what the house came with.

While you’re selecting your paneling options and deciding between long or short, or considering a ribbed steel door for extra flash, keep in mind that your Lifetime Warranty can be taken very literally. It means 20 percent off your purchase, around the clock support (even on holidays) and annual door checks to see if garage door repairs are in order.

Ready to enjoy the best garage doors in the city? Contact Accent Garage Doors today at 801-898-3667 and see just what kind of statement your home can really make.