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Who’s the best garage door supplier in South Jordan? If you’re like most of your neighbors, you probably don’t know—after all, garage doors aren’t replaced nearly as often as kitchen tables or cars. However, yours might be in need of an upgrade if you don’t have a Martin door keeping your garage and home safe. At Accent Garage Doors, we’ve been helping South Jordan residents pick the best garage door since 1993. We survived the early 90s, the Great Recession, even grunge, which means we’re kind of like the VIP Martin Doors we sell. In other words, we’re both built to last.

This is one time when a Lifetime Warranty really means something.  It’s very likely you’ll still be using any Martin Door from Traditional to Cornerstone or the Windriver model well into your golden years. When you choose your long, short or ribbed paneling, you’re choosing a stunning design for your entire life. Now that’s a warranty for life you can use.

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Not only will you get a 20 percent discount with this warranty, you can even “double down” and get a double warranty with a new purchase. Our garage doors come with 24-hour service in case of emergencies and a totally free annual checkup to make sure the springs are in place, the door is dent-free and it’s otherwise keeping you and your family safe. However, it’s going to take more than a tough Utah winter storm to do damage to a Martin.

When you have over 20 years of experience in the business, you get to know a thing or two about your niche. Unless you’ve had a custom built home, you probably don’t pay much attention to garage doors—but your guests do. Neighbors do. Burglars do. This is the biggest entryway to your home and often the most vulnerable. It needs some protection.

Ready to enjoy the best garage doors in the city? Contact Accent Garage Doors today at 801-898-3667 and see just what kind of statement your home can really make.