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Your garage door plays a key role in home security. Protecting your home means more than having a neighbor pick up the mail while you’re on vacation and keeping those shrubs by the window trimmed. Beautifying your home means more than re-paving the walkway and mowing the grass. However, you can improve both security and home appearance with the right garage door installation from Accent Garage Doors. We’ve been Ogden’s leading garage door supplier since we opened shop in 1993, and we haven’t slowed down since. We also offer only the absolute best products: Martin Doors.

A Martin door isn’t your typical garage door, and it’s likely not what came with your home. It’s the best in security married to the best in aesthetics. Whether you prefer the beauty of the Riverstone door, the splendor of the Athena or the modern appeal of the Pinnacle, there’s a Martin for everyone in Ogden. When you’re finished choosing your favorite paneling, whether it’s steel, finished to look like wood, or a custom design model, garage door installation from one of our expert technicians instantly improves your home’s value.

Having It All in Ogden with Expert Garage Door Installation & Repair

You can have it all, both security and beauty, when you choose a Martin Door. Excepting the front door, garages are the top entry point for burglars and thieves. Garage doors are often one of the first things your guests notice, or what potential buyers see when they come for an open house. It’s surprising to many folks, but simply upgrading your garage door is a better investment (with a higher ROI) than a whole kitchen remodeling project.

Consider that “doubled up” Lifetime Warranty, and you’ll be asking yourself why you didn’t upgrade sooner. The warranty includes free annual checks so you can take care of garage door service needs in a jiffy and before the problem gets out of hand, and helps you get acquainted with Accent Garage Doors for all your garage door repair needs. The warranty also comes with support 24/7 and the reassurance that a Martin door really will last for life.

Ready to enjoy the best garage doors in the city? Contact Accent Garage Doors today at 801-898-3667 and see just what kind of statement your home can really make.