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One of the first things people notice when they visit your home isn’t the scented candles or the perfectly displayed photos on the mantle—it’s often your garage door. It’s a big statement piece, but what exactly is it saying? Many people take zero notice of their own garage door because they’re too busy fiddling with the remote or thinking about the day ahead to notice what’s keeping their home safe. The reality is that a new garage door can make a bigger home value impact than a brand new kitchen. What’s your garage door saying?

If you’re like your Herriman neighbors, it’s probably been awhile since you considered your garage doors. Don’t worry, at Accent Garage Doors that’s our specialty and we’ll catch you up to speed. Martin Doors is the industry leader in garage door manufacturing, providing gorgeous styles that last for life (really). From the steel collection door to the wood collection and everything in between, we’ve got the perfect door for you.

Our Garage Door Installation & Repair Services Guarantee the Perfect Match for Your Herriman Home

Accent Garage Doors has been serving Herriman residents just like you since 1993 and we know what you want. Maybe you’ve fallen in love with the Riverstone door but can’t decide between long or short panels. Maybe you’re considering ribbed panels for a steel door. No matter what your style, rest assured that Martin Doors has classical designs and lines that will look good even after 70 years or more. However, being the best garage door supplier in town requires more than the best products.

From garage door installation to garage door repair (because emergencies happen), we’ve got your back. However, so does that double Lifetime Warranty you’re about to score. It comes with a free door check each year to ward off garage door service needs, 24-hour support (on holidays, too) and even 20 percent off new purchases to help your wallet stay hefty.

Ready to enjoy the best garage doors in the city? Contact Accent Garage Doors today at 801-898-3667 and see just what kind of statement your home can really make.