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For all your garage door repair and installation needs, Accent Garage Doors has you (and your home) covered. As the top American Fork garage door supplier, the complete VIP line of Martin Doors is at your fingertips. This leading brand includes styles to fit any preference or architecture, from Victorian classic homes to modern townhomes. Plus, you can enjoy a Lifetime Warranty package that allows for a 20 percent discount, covered annual maintenance checks for garage door service and around the clock service, even on holidays and overnight.

Why does it matter who’s behind your garage door installation? Choosing the best brand of door is just part of the process. Martin Doors are designed to last your entire life, making this purchase very important. Even though the return on investment is huge, you can’t have a door installed and then forget about it. Just like every other part of your home, it requires maintenance.

Garage Door Repair & Installation Is A Team Effort

Of course, since Martin Doors are solidly built, the odds of frequent repairs are nearly zero. However, garages are a key access point to your home and you need to know that you’re well protected. Whether you opt for the Cornerstone or the Charterhouse, the Athena or a mixed panel, protecting your property and family is key. When selecting a short or long panel, or debating whether to go ribbed for steel doors, don’t forget that Accent Garage Doors has you covered for life.

Each member on our team is committed to helping our American Fork neighbors enjoy only the best. We’ve been in operation since 1993, and many of our first customers still depend on us for their annual checkups. When you have over 20 years of experience in the business, and plenty of installations and repairs under your belt, the perfect blend of quality products and quality customer service is guaranteed.

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