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Garage Door Openers

We often get questions about the differences between garage door belt tracks, chain tracks, and screw-driven tracks. All of these assist in performing the function of lifting or closing a garage door. Customers often wonder which type of opener is right for them.

What is a Garage Door Belt Track?

A belt driven garage door opener is substantially quieter than the other options. Belt driven openers won’t disturb living spaces, but provide a powerful and prompt lift for the door. The best way to identify if you have a belt driven track is to examine the garage door while moving, to see if the track has the appearance of a belt moving along the track. The belt rotates through a gear on the operator to pull the trolley opening or closing the garage door. It is typically the most expensive of the three systems.

Common belt manufacturers include Liftmaster, Chamberlain, and Genie.

What is a Garage Door Chain Track?

A garage door chain is known as the cheapest and oldest technology. If you have a chain on your garage door track, you will see a chain being moved along the track. This can be cumbersome and annoying in situations where the garage door is directly below a bedroom while someone is trying to sleep or participate in a quiet activity, but makes it easier to identify when family members are leaving or returning home.

Common manufactures include Chamberlain, Marantec, and Genie for this type of opener.

What is a Screw-Driven Track?

A screw is a continuous threaded shaft which connects the operator to the trolley, and its arm reaches for the door. Its threads require frequent lubrication with silicone. The trolley is worn out more quickly than the chain or the garage door belt. The screw is considered the Goldilocks of the garage door drives, with a median price and noise level.

No matter what type of opening mechanism your garage door has, we recommend you have it inspected at least once a year. At Accent Garage Doors we service and install all of these types of garage door drives. We stand ready to help you with all of your garage doors needs. Please contact us with any questions at 801-898-3667.

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