Garage Door Repair & Installation in Draper, Utah

When’s the last time you took a really good look at your garage door? Unless your remote sticks or you’re painting the house exterior yourself (which is never a good idea), you probably have a “blind spot” for this part of the home. However, burglars don’t, potential buyers don’t and your guests don’t. If your garage is outdated, peeling, chipping and generally taking away from an otherwise attrative home, you’re being judged for it and may not even realize it. It’s Accent Garage Doors to the rescue, Draper’s best garage door supplier—and flush with Martin Doors.


If you don’t know Martin Doors, that just means one thing: You’re not in the garage door business and that’s okay. Martin provides the absolute best doors in the industry.. There are many designs to choose from, like the classic Chalet, the stunning Athena or the lovely Cornerstone models. Choose your paneling, whether it’s ribbed for a rugged look on steel, long or short.

The Real Meaning of Full Service Garage Door Installation & Repair

Garage door installation is just part of the process, because Martin Doors will last for your entire life. That means you’ll also need garage door service once per year just to be on the safe side. Utah’s changing seasons can be tough, and you want to go into the winter knowing that your home is secure. Luckily for you, the Lifetime Warranty offers 24-hour support, a 20 percent discount and even a double warranty for new purchases. You’ll also get complimentary checkups each year to ensure everything is working (and rolling up) smoothly.

We are proud to be Draper’s top garage door supplier since 1993. We’re always looking to add a few new business relationships into the mix. Several customers from our first year of business are still with us today, but we’re happy to share the love.

Ready to get started on cherry picking the garage door your family deserves? Call one of our friendly team members at 801-898-3667 and we’ll get things started.