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The garage door sensors mounted on either side of your door’s tracks serve an important purpose.


They keep pets and children safe from closing doors, and they keep the door in proper alignment so the automatic system shuts off once the seal meets the ground. These devices are durable, but not foolproof. In many instances, the garage door sensors may require service or complete replacement, and this guide can help you know when to call a professional garage door repair technician.

How Do They Work?

Each sensor is mounted on the wall, close to the floor, adjacent to each edge of the door (before you go ahead with an installation, make sure you check for any needed repairs and call in a concrete floor repair company, if need be). Each emits a beam of light which, when it meets the other sensor, completes the circuit on the automatic opening system and allows the door to close fully. When the sensors’ beam is broken, the door will stop closing instantly or reverse course.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Since the beam is precise, if either sensor has moved only a tiny bit, this could misdirect the beam and cause a problem whenever the garage door tries to close. If your door isn’t closing properly, get an electrical inspection and also check whether each device is still mounted in its original position. Unscrew and adjust the component as necessary until both sensors meet once again.

Also, floating dust particles can coat the surface and inhibit the amount of light getting through. Use a soft rag to lightly wipe dust, dirt, and grime from the devices.

Replacement Process

If none of the troubleshooting solutions succeeds in mending your sensors, call in a professional to assess the system. He or she may recommend replacing the sensors for one or more reasons, such as a wiring malfunction. Sometimes it may be that the garage door sensors are simply worn out. Since many are made of plastic, continuous cycling in cold weather can make the material brittle and cause it to shatter after an accidental bump.

Replacing these sensors involves working with electrical wires. If you do not have the experience or training to approach this task comfortably, it may be better to contact a garage repair professional to complete the project. Alternatively, you can also consult an electrician in your locality; for instance, Glow Electricians Belfast (if that is where you are situated) to do the wiring.

First, the electricity must be turned off at the main. The wires connected to the two current sensors should be disconnected and the sensors themselves unscrewed and removed. The new sensors’ wires must be connected with electrical joiners, then the components can be screwed in place. After the sensors are mounted, the beams must be properly aligned before the system will work correctly. You may have to adjust each sensor’s positioning before fully fastening them to their respective sides.

Contact Accent Garage Doors when you suspect your door sensors are malfunctioning or out of alignment and receive fast, professional service.

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