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When you have a dented garage door, you may be prone to panicking. No matter how the damage occurred, all you can think about is the potentially major repair bill required to restore your door to its previous flawless condition.


Before you call a repair expert, examine the damage closely. You may be able to fix the problem on your own without the assistance of a professional, but only if the door is made of certain material and the damage is not too extensive. Did you know that a shrink wrap gun can help with dents in car doors, so maybe it might help for your garage door, check your materials first as mentioned before.

Is the Damage Significant?

When your car meets with an accident or you see minor repairs, what would be the first thing that you do? You might take it to a mechanic or a repair shop (such as this auto repair in Lakewood CO) to get it fixed properly. Similarly, when it comes to your garage door, it may suffer a dent for many reasons, some causing more serious damage than others. If a bicycle bumps into the door or a basketball bounces in the wrong direction, a small indent may result. But if a car backs into the door, there’s a higher chance the entire garage door panel may bend, potentially causing additional damage that may require more extensive work than can be completed at home. You may also need some help with the car in these cases too, with auto pdr services ready to help with any dents and scratches.

What Material Is the Door Made Of?

Wood doors that have splintered or been gouged could most benefit from a professional’s touch. However, if the doors are made of stainless steel or aluminum, small dents may be repaired with the right tools, materials and methods.

Aluminum Dent Repair

Aluminum is the easiest type of garage door material to fix. First, get a bucket of water, dish soap, a sponge, a lighter or heat lamp, tinfoil, and a can of compressed air. Fill the bucket with warm water and add only one drop of dish soap and stir evenly. Scrub the dented area to remove all debris and grime. Let the spot air dry before continuing.

Next, measure and cut a section of tinfoil and fix it over the dent with tape. Hold the heat lamp or lighter flame over the tinfoil for one minute so heat is transmitted to the dented area. Remove the foil and immediately spray the condensed air across the area evenly. Due to the molecular structure of aluminum, the abrupt change in temperature causes the dent to reverse as the surface moves back into its original position.

Steel Dent Repair

Working with stainless steel requires a different approach – you must use steel door or auto body filling compound. To begin, wash the door’s surface in the same manner with dish soap and water to remove dirt and let the area dry. Sand the dent with the suggested grit level of sandpaper and wipe the dust away. Use a putty knife to apply the compound to the dented area. After the area dries, sand again with a finer grit sandpaper and prime and paint the section to match the original color.

Call Accent Garage Doors when you need help fixing a dented garage door and are unable to complete the process alone – their team can help restore your door and transform the blemished surface or offer many affordable replacement options.

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