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You may have a built in garage that came with your house, you may have bought yourself a prefab garage, you might not have a garage at all, but be on the hunt for one. There are always going to be questions no matter what stage you are at with your garage. If you are looking where to find us, chances are the answer won’t be too hard. After all, we spend more time than most everyone else in the garage. Actually as a profession we spend more time in the garage than just about anyone else you know.

garage door questions

Spending Time in the Garage

As a matter of fact, we don’t just work in the garage but we also put up the door that protects you from the elements. We could go on and say more about the garage door in that it provides a statement on your home or that the garage door that can easily make an older home look new. We could also go on and say that insulated garage doors help protect your garage in maintaining the desired temperature. We could continue and say that we personally prefer insulated garage doors for those connected to the house.

Each day, we often get questions about tips, and key suggestions for how to maintain the garage door. For us that’s an easy question with an easy answer. For starters, don’t neglect your garage door! Get at least an annual tune-up to maintain the garage door. An annual tune-up ensures that the garage door functionality is working properly at least on a frequent basis.

More Common Than You Think

However, we often get other questions that are much more common than you may think, how many cars can you fit in your two car garage? Although we can help you with the garage door, we can’t necessarily help you fit two cars in the garage door. As an interesting fact, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, 25% of homeowners are unable to fit in one car in their two car garage. Also, for those with two car garages, 32% can fit in one car but not two cars.

Unfortunately, we can only provide you with suggestions to keep the garage clean. Should you wish to actually fit cars in the garage and not use it for other storage, we recommend that you clean out the garage at least quarterly to ensure space for your cars.

Garage doors are our specialty. Accent Garage Doors is a Utah based organization covering the Wasatch Front servicing, installing, and maintaining garage doors. Should you need any assistance with your garage door, give us a call. We stand ready to help you!

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