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Choosing a contractor to perform work on your home can be risky business. You want to ensure that the contractor knows what he or she does as well as know that nothing wrong will take place. You want quality work at a fair price.


Contractor Considerations

When considering a contractor to fulfill work for you, we recommend that you consider at least these three things.

  1. Insurance – If something were to go wrong with the job while your contractor is at the site, does the contractor have insurance? No insurance, no problem? Think again. Having insurance is critical in the garage door industry. It is essential that they have something like tradesman insurance for professionals.
  2. If you are the contractor reading this article, an easy place to start your search for insurance would be Professional Indemnity Insurance UK
  3. Referrals – When selecting a contractor, you also want to check to see if the contractor has referrals that he or she can provide for you upon request. You can also check that company’s online reviews through sites such as Google Reviews, KSL (here in Utah), or Facebook.
  4. Experience – finally when selecting a contractor you will want to make sure that the contractor has the experience to perform the job. Has the company only been in business for a few months or does it have a track record of years of experience?

When finding an independent contractor, it’s vital to ensure they’re reliable and can fix the issues properly. Whilst some businesses might be more popular, it’s doesn’t mean they’re more qualified than smaller contractors. It can be difficult for independent contractors to make their way in their specific industry. This is why so many of them look to participate in professional contractor training to ensure they fully understand how to grow their business and get more clients. For those who want to learn more about this training, You can read the article here to see why so many independent contractors take part in this training. So, when hiring a contractor, experience isn’t always that important as some contractors might just be newer companies that still have similar experience as many of them have worked for other companies before starting their own.

Accent Garage Doors works hard to maintain great relationships with its customers. You can rest assured, we work for you. We understand that it takes trust to allow anyone in your home to perform work on it. We understand that when you call you want help in a matter of days not months.

Bonded, Insured, and Experienced

Accent Garage Doors is fully bonded and insured. All our employees must pass a comprehensive background check to work for us because we work with our employee’s best interests at heart. We are also happy to provide our customers with referrals from prior customers. We also invite all of our customers to take the time to review us on Google, KSL, or Facebook.

We rely on any past success to fuel our future customer growth. We also have the know-how and the skill set to work with garage doors in any capacity. Your company doesn’t get to 24 years without a continued pattern of success coupled with the experience to make things happen.

Accent Garage Doors is a Salt Lake City based garage door service, repair, and installation company. We service the entire Wasatch Front. Accent Garage Doors works with contractors, builders, homeowners, and renters for all of their garage door needs.

When you think garage doors, think Accent Garage Doors. Give us a call at 801-898-3667 to schedule an appointment with a contractor you can trust.

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