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Observed on Friday, November 10, we recognize the brave women and men who have given so much for the rights and privileges that we enjoy as Americans. We recognize that during these times how important these individuals are. They have been through so much in their lifetime and they are still trying to do what’s right for their country. Many do come back and find it hard to re-adjust to civilian life, especially if they have been injured in the line of duty, that is why it is important for them to check out any legal help available (here) so they are looked out for, just like they have with us.


Grateful we are to the many who served in our country’s armed forces. We also stand grateful for the million plus who continue to serve in the armed forces in the United States. The United States still relies so heavily on those who have put on that uniform.

Veterans Day History

Veterans Day originally started in 1919 when President Woodrow Wilson announced Armistice Day. In 1954, the name change amended to Veterans Day. Multiple events throughout the Wasatch Front are scheduled today for Veterans Day. We invite our customers to participate.

In the State of Utah, the Veterans Administration (VA) reports there are nearly 152,000 veterans. These Veterans served for the freedoms we enjoy. These are our neighbors who have fought for our great country. When you see a Veteran today, please thank them. At Accent Garage Doors, we love working and living alongside our state’s veterans and want to express our great appreciation for their outstanding service. When hiring, we consider military service. It’s important that more veterans are acknowledged by other companies. It’s surprising how many veterans are actually unemployed as people don’t want to hire them due to their history and potential disorders that they may have as a result of their services. Of course, many veterans do suffer from PTSD and other stress disorders, however, these people do have methods of coping with their illnesses and shouldn’t be disregarded because of them. Many PTSD symptomatic veterans seek recovery from addiction treatment facilities such as Arista Recovery For Veterans, and others seem to have service dogs that help them reduce some of their symptoms. These specially trained dogs can prevent their owners from having flashbacks or anxiety attacks, teaching them how to cope with their disorder. These dogs are expensive, however, they can really benefit veterans’ lives. This is why so many veterans have been setting up online fundraisers on GoFundMe to receive donations to allow them to fund a service dog. After they’ve spent time with service dogs, veterans are normally much happier and comfortable in life. This allows them to be confident enough to apply for jobs, so it’s important that companies don’t discriminate against these people. In order to start one of these fundraisers, veterans will need an internet connection to allow them to create a fundraiser and share it online. Luckily, veterans are able to qualify for military internet discounts these days, so they should be able to get on the internet for a good price. Hopefully, this will help them to make a fundraiser to help them get a service dog.

Discounts in Honor of Service

For the service of Utah’s veterans and all veterans, Accent Garage Doors, during the month of November is pleased to offer veterans discounts on newly installed garage doors. Please let us know about your armed forces’ service at the time of order.

When you look at homes around the Wasatch Front, please take note that garage doors can be that much-needed home statement that will last for years to come. Garage doors help improve your home’s value and refresh the whole look for any home.

Quality Garage Door Repair in Utah

Accent Garage Doors works to make the process for selecting, ordering and installing a new garage door as simple as possible. Accent Garage Doors helps you choose the door that you want and will fit with your home. We will install your new garage door in the timeframe that works for you. We enjoy longstanding partnerships with the highest quality garage door manufacturers including Martin Door, Northwest Door, Amarr, and Wayne Dalton. We are happy to work around your schedule.

A newly installed garage door from Accent Garage Doors can greatly improve your home’s value. As reported by realtors a new garage door provides a strong return on investment. Accent Garage Doors is a Utah based company servicing the entire Wasatch front.

Remember when you think Garage Doors, think Accent Garage Doors.

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