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Is it possible to recycle a garage door instead of depositing it in a landfill? The answer is a decided yes. Take the responsible route and discover ways to efficiently give your old door a new life, whether by melting it down to create something new or using pieces from the door for a project around your house.

Save the Environment and Earn Money

When a technician completes work on your home’s garage, you will be left with an old metal or wood door, along with a variety of castoff parts that no longer have a purpose. Many companies may leave these at the job site for you to dispose of, but some encourage homeowners to sell the components as scrap.

A scrap metal composter will pay you according to the weight of your load. Before you visit the scrap facility, make sure you know what type of metal your old garage door and parts are made of. Aluminum is a non-ferrous metal, meaning it does not contain iron, but steel is not. The metals will be priced differently according to type.

Depending on the facility’s prices and the weight of your door, you could receive a few hundred dollars for all parts and components, which could help offset the cost of your new door. You will have the extra satisfaction of knowing you did not add to your local landfill.

Garage Door Uses Inside Your Home

If you would rather not worry about transporting the door to a scrap facility, consider all you can do to recycle a garage door at home. If the door is made of wood, strip and sand the paint and re-stain. You can position a beautiful repurposed door as a headboard. You can also split the wood into panels and hang them as well décor. Use the wood to build small furniture pieces such as a bench or end table. Remove single panels and use them as picture frames. And, if the door happens to be a metal or iron one, instead of discarding it because of corrosion, you can give a makeover to it. Faux painting might work wonders! For more info on how to go about it, you can check for YouTube videos or online resources.

Outdoor Upcycle Ideas

Both metal and wood products are perfect when you are designing a garden. You can use the sections to create a compost bin, raised flower beds, a treehouse or a privacy screen for your backyard patio.

If you anticipate the need for a garage door replacement at your home, contact Accent Garage Doors to schedule an assessment of your door and get a free estimate for a new product. You can also contact the team for additional ideas on how to recycle a garage door to save or earn money and protect the environment from needless additional waste.

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