Why Your Garage Door Jerks When Opening

garage door jerks openingThere are a few things you never want to notice when your garage door is opening and closing, and one of these is a jerking or shaking sensation during operations. If this is happening with your garag

Possible Culprits in a Non-Closing Utah Garage Door

culprits non-closing garage doorThere are a few things no one wants to deal with when it comes to their garage door, and one of these is a door that won't close when it's supposed to. There could be several culprits at play if this

The Benefits of Insulated Garage Doors

benefits insulated garage doorsThere are several areas of a home or building where insulation may play an important role, and one of these that should not go overlooked is the garage door. Garage door insulation serves several dist

How to Handle a Lost Garage Door Opener Remote Situation

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Understanding How SLC Garage Door Springs Work

garage door springs workThere are a few components that play a major role in garage door operations, and springs are some of the most important to be aware of here as a home or building owner. Springs are a central part of y