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Automatic Garage Door

Your automatic garage door is a major convenience in your busy lifestyle – you never have to worry about manually raising and lowering it to enter your home. However, an automatic garage door also poses a potential security threat. If burglars get ahold of the opener, they can swiftly get into your attached garage and access your home’s living areas through the connecting entryway.

As an homeowner, you might have guard monitored alarm systems to keep your home secure. However, as additional security, you might consider getting your garage door checked by an expert and if some problem is found, you can get it repaired. It might be just a door spring that needs replacement. For that, you can search for Garage door springs in Phoenix, AZ (or in your locality), and contact a service provider of your choice.

Furthermore, follow these helpful safety suggestions to prevent your automatic opening system from threatening the safety of your home, family members, and possessions.

Store Your Opener in Secure Location

A remote opener left in a vehicle can be stolen in a moment, so do not store the remote clip on the sunshield visor in your car. Invest in a remote with a key ring and always keep it with you when you exit the vehicle.

Turn Off the Emergency Lever

Many automatic opening systems include an emergency release lever. When the rope is pulled, the door will immediately open. Intruders could conceivably extend a coat hanger through the top of the garage door and engage the release lever, giving them access to the garage. This feature can be deactivated on many systems to prevent this from occurring.

Prepare for Absences

When leaving on vacation, do not trust an opening system alone to protect your garage. Install and engage a deadbolt on the inside track of the door. Shut off the automatic function so the door will not open under any circumstances. If you are unsure how to go about it, call in a local locksmith to make the necessary arrangements. If you find it troublesome locating one, you can do a quick Google search using keywords like Locksmith Elwood or something similar and get ahold of experts who can help you with necessary services.. This can ensure the safety of your home even when you are out on a vacation. That said, you can also choose to manually lock the garage doors and cut the power to the automatic system on a nightly basis for peace of mind.

Get a Self-Closing Lift System

Many modern opening systems include a self-closing monitoring system. Even if you forget to close the door when you return from work in the evening, the opener will send an alert to your smartphone or simply shut it all on its own. This type of protection ensures no forgetfulness makes your home a target for intruders.

Fortify the Interior Door

If intruders do gain access to the garage, make it difficult for them to enter the home’s main living area. Install a steel-core door with a deadbolt and be sure to lock it when you arrive home. Make sure the door includes a peephole so you can check activity in the garage without opening the door.

Ensure the Exterior Is Well Lit

To prevent potential intruders from fiddling with your garage door, install motion-triggered lights at the peak of the garage roof. Well-lit areas are less attractive to burglars.

Contact Accent Garage Doors for specialized advice on which automatic garage door offers the safety features you are looking for, and for professional installation to ensure maximum security.

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