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The David O. Martin Collection is the top-line offering from Martin Garage Doors, one of the oldest garage door manufacturers in the world and renowned for design, safety, and ecological innovations. It includes three hand-crafted, two-inch thick doors noted for their stylish looks and low maintenance needs.

All David O. Martin Collection doors are 2” thick and constructed with aluminum and other manufactured materials. They feature Martin’s safer joint design that prevents fingers from getting trapped in folding door joints. Heavy-duty hinges, tracks, and rollers are standard, along with galvanized springs and a range of decorative hardware that complement the individual designs. Garage door operation is exceptionally quiet.

Each David O. Martin door comes with five-year sectional and ten-year parts warranties.

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Athena, a Modern Garage Door

The Athena model offers a modern look that combines heavy-duty extruded aluminum and acrylic glass. Extruded aluminum has hollow joints that allow bars to be joined with connectors.

Athena doors come in several panel styles, including two, four, and eight columns in single and double panels, with squared and rectangular designs, and straight or curved at the top. They are available with R8, R14, or R18 insulation.

Window tinting and frosting – important security features – are available, as well as laminated, tempered, or acrylic glass. Door panels are available in different shades of bronze, jet black, iron, and signal white, all with long-lasting, durable powder finishes.

Carriage-Style Pinnacle Garage Doors

The Pinnacle garage is a carriage-style model made from a combination of high-grade extruded aluminum and steel, it is available with R8, R14, or R18 insulation.

Panel styles include single and double width and are available with straight or curved tops. Eight powder coat finishes in metallic, stainless, bronze are offered. Doors can include windows and four window tints are available. Windows are available in acrylic, tempered, or insulated glass; white laminate is also offered.

Choose from optional hardware to match the carriage style on this beautiful door.

Cyprus Copper Garage Doors

Cyprus garage doors combine copper with steel for a traditional look that allude to its strength and durability. It is available in single panel only, in short and long, grooved, ribbed and flushed patterns. Cyprus doors feature a variety of window styles, in acrylic or double panes.

The Martin Garage Doors Difference

It’s difficult to overstate the impact Martin Garage Doors has had on the garage door manufacturing industry. It was the first to earn certification for ISO 9001 quality management standards and to receive Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certification. Martin Garage Doors have passed hurricane test wind standards in Florida as well.

Martin’s “green” credentials began several years ago when Dave Martin ended building wooden doors in favor of steel construction. Recycling is embraced throughout the company.

More than a decade ago, Martin Garage Doors imposed stricter environmental controls on the painting process. It monitors and scrubs used water until it is clean enough to be discharged. A customized filtration system captures any remaining powder and holds it for further treatment.

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