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About Us

We are proud to be a Utah-based company, embodying our dedication to quality and the core values of the American spirit. Our commitment extends to fostering growth and prosperity in our local communities. Established in 1993 as a family-owned and operated businesses, we take pride in our country, cherishing the freedom that allows us to pursue our dreams.

Meet the Team!


Rhoan and Shae Ashby

We are the proud owners of Accent Garage Doors. Our diverse background fuels our passion, expertise, and unwavering commitment to providing your home and family with an unparalleled experience.
Rhoan has always found joy in working with his hands. Demonstrating his expertise in customizing everything from homes to dirt bikes, to increase optimal mechanical performance and unparalleled uniqueness. He prioritizes fairness and honesty, and understanding. He believes that our customers deserve nothing less than our utmost dedication and integrity.
Shae began her career as a Dental Hygienist, driven by her passion for oral health and her innate desire to help others. She believes that people are the most important part of our lives and deserve the best service. While garage doors may seem a far cry from the dental field, your Garage Door is the Smile of your home, and a beautiful smile can instill confidence anywhere.
Beyond the office, we are exploring the mountains on dirt bikes, snowmobiles, and various motorized vehicles. Our love for the outdoors extends to active participation in the Western Single Track Alliance, where we dedicate our efforts to trail maintenance and preserving the mountains we cherish.
Long story short,we are here to take care of your and your family, while having fun!

Frank Sutton

I'm Frank Sutton, originally from Las Vegas, currently Loving my time in Utah. My passion lies in the great outdoors, and I seize every available moment to explore it. The exhilaration of mountain biking, the liberating feeling of adventure cycling, and the immersive experiences of bikepacking truly captivate me. When I'm not pedaling through trails, you'll find me by a lake, casting a line with a fishing rod in hand.

Gavin Noorda

I’m Gavin. I just recently started in the Garage industry but have always enjoyed fixing things and working with my hands. I find satisfaction in working with my hands and fixing mechanical problems. Beyond the Garage Door I find interest in many different activities such as gardening, chess, and all things scientific, especially space exploration.
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