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Garage Door Safety

At Accent Garage Doors we consider safety to be of the upmost importance. Each year we are proud of our safety record. We don’t take it lightly. We take great care to safely install or maintain each garage door we work on. Like you, each night we want to get back to our families safely.

2015 Safety Report

We are pleased to announce that in 2015 we completed the year without any vehicle accidents, despite the fact that each of our garage door experts travel over 20,000 miles per year in their company vehicles.

Furthermore, in 2015 we had no worker or customer related injury, despite the fact that we are out and about working with you each day.

We understand that incidents can happen. However, at Accent Garage Doors, we strive to maintain the highest standards in upholding a safe work environment for our employees and customers. As ICW Group says, “Safety is, without question, one of the most important investments companies make” and we at Accent Garage Doors echo this sentiment. We understand that when we work in your garage, we are often in an area that is immediately connected to your home.

Keeping You Safe

Garage doors are frequently the largest moving part in a home. A part this large can cause safety concerns. We understand that garage doors need to be operated in a safe and reliable manner.

To keep your family safe, follow these recommendations:

  • Learn to use your door’s emergency release feature.
  • Periodically test the door’s reversing mechanism by placing a 2×4 or something similar under the door and watching to see if it reverses after contacting the object. If your door is older than the early 1990’s, consider upgrading to a safer model.
  • Never place fingers or other objects between the door panels.
  • Visually inspect your door monthly. If you see signs of wear, do not attempt to repair or adjust anything yourself. Call us to perform a routine maintenance inspection, and let the experts do the job right, and safely!

Accent Garage Doors, a Utah based company, specializes in garage door repair, installation, and service. We are ready to help you with any garage door repair or new project. We service the entire Wasatch front. Call us today to learn more about available options to keep your garage door safe.

We would love the opportunity to schedule help you improve your home. Get on the schedule now by calling 801-898-3667.

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