All About Garage Door Springs

garage door springsAs the colors change and temperatures move from hot to cold once again during this fantastic fall season, garage door springs can break down. To help you better understand garage door springs, please

Popular Garage Door Components

Garage Door Components We often get questions from questions regarding the types of common garage door components. Common types include steel, copper, aluminum, or glass. Windowed garage doors are becoming more popular

New Garage Door Replacement

Garage Door Replacement We know that you want to make a statement for your home. We know that you want something that you can be proud of each time you look at. We also know that you want something that will provide a re

Tune-Up Your Garage Door for Optimal Performance

Garage Door Tune-Up Twice a year our dentist recommends that we come in to get our teeth cleaned. Our auto shop recommends that every 3,000 miles or so that we get our oil changed. Our doctor recommends that we get a

Labor Day: Celebrate the Spirit of the American Worker

Labor Day We are honored to wish you a happy Labor Day! It’s a great day to celebrate the spirit of the American worker. Honoring Workers for More Than a Century This weekend we honor the labor of all o